At Allestedlund our first big passion was flowers and plants in all scales, and it is still one of our biggest. Our selection of flowers and plants is always large, and we only purchase the very best quality of flowers and plants that we can find.

We offer a great selection of flower bouquets, flower arrangements and decorations for events such as weddings, parties and much more.

The most beautiful flowers for all occasions

Even though our assortment now consists of much more, we started this incredible journey of ours with a passion for flowers. This lifelong passion for flowers and plants in all variations means that we can offer you a very special selection.

We have an eye for beauty and quality, and with us you can be completely confident that you will find flowers of only the very best quality. We are extremely thorough and carefully select the plants we sell.

Enchanting and exclusive pots and vases

A beautiful bouquet of flowers deserves a beautiful vase. This is also within our expertise. Have a look at our assortment of vases in many sizes and shapes. We offer vases in both glass and ceramics. If you have purchased a bouquet, why not find a matching vase for it – it makes the overall impression seem more coherent and exclusive.

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